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How to Get Rid of Junk

Updated: May 9

3 Top Strategies for Efficient Junk Disposal

Clearing out junk can range from a simple task—removing trash and tossing it into your bin—to a more complex endeavor requiring strategic planning. If you find yourself with more clutter than you can handle, consider these top junk removal options:


Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster is an excellent choice if you're looking to dispose of large quantities of old furniture, housewares, and other items. A dumpster can be conveniently delivered right to your driveway, with roll-off containers available in various sizes to accommodate several tons of debris affordably. Before you rent, here are some points to consider:


  • No need to be home for the dumpster's delivery or pickup.

  • You get an affordable, flat rate before your dumpster even arrives.

  • It’s a junk disposal option that you can schedule at your convenience.


  • More suitable for large amounts of junk.

  • You load your own materials.

  • Dumpster sizes, weight limits, and accepted materials can vary depending on your location.

Flexible rental periods allow you to clean at your own pace, making it easier to manage your project without rushing.


Full-Service Junk Removal

For those who need to dispose of one or two large items but don't want the hassle of handling them, hiring a full-service junk removal company can be ideal. These services calculate costs based on the volume of junk, so it’s important to keep in mind that your price will increase with every item you add. Here are the pros and cons to consider:


  • The heavy lifting is done for you, providing a hassle-free experience.

  • You can schedule the pickup at a time that suits you, making it very convenient.


  • Not ideal for full-scale home cleanouts, as the cost can escalate quickly.


Dumpster Bag

A dumpster bag is a good solution for those who have a moderate amount of large trash items but not enough to justify a full dumpster rental. However, dumpster bag pickup services are not available everywhere, so check availability in your area first. Key considerations include:


  • Ideal for smaller junk removal or decluttering projects.

  • Flexible: Purchase a bag when ready and schedule your final pickup when you're finished.


  • Not cost-efficient for disposing of more than 3 to 6 cubic yards of junk.

  • Self-loading required.

  • Limited availability of pickup services.

Additional Alternatives for Trash Disposal

If none of the above methods suit your needs, consider other straightforward ways to remove junk from your home:

  • Recycling: Instead of tossing them in the trash, recycle textiles, paper products, and plastic bottles.

  • Donation: Clean out your closet or furniture and donate usable items to entities like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or other local charities.

  • Self-Disposal: For small amounts of waste, you can take your trash directly to the local landfill or use designated bulk trash pickup services, often at no additional cost.

Choosing the Most Cost-Effective Junk Removal Method

When dealing with a large cleanup, dumpster rentals often emerge as the most cost-effective option. Here's a more detailed look at the costs associated with various junk removal methods to help you decide:

  • Dumpster Rental: Often the cheapest option for large amounts of junk.

  • Full-Service Junk Removal: Convenient but can become costly as the amount of junk increases.

  • Dumpster Bags: Best for smaller projects, though costs can add up if not managed carefully.

To choose the best junk removal method for your needs, it's crucial to evaluate the volume and weight of your debris. Understanding these factors will help you avoid unexpected costs and ensure that your junk is disposed of efficiently and economically.

What's the Most Cost-Effective Way to Dispose of Junk?

If you're facing a substantial cleanup, renting a dumpster often emerges as the most economical choice for junk removal. However, if you're uncertain, let's break down the costs associated with various disposal methods. For transparency, the following are the rates from Dash Away Hauling, though costs can vary depending on the nature of the junk.

For those discarding a significant volume of items, a dumpster typically provides the best value and convenience. However, if your junk quantity is smaller, opting for a junk removal company or a dumpster bag might be more practical. It's crucial to assess the volume of junk and your budget when choosing your disposal strategy.

Understanding Junk Removal Costs (Dash Away's Pricing)

The expenses for junk removal can vary greatly based on the amount of waste and the disposal method chosen. For instance:

  • Filling a 10-yard junk removal truck can cost upwards of $550.

  • Renting a 15-yard junk dumpster generally costs around $425.

  • Dumpster bags are priced at approximately $30, with pickup fees potentially adding $240 or more.

To ensure you select the most suitable option for both your project and your budget, consider the following factors before making a decision. Dash Away Hauling guarantees no hidden fees.

  1. Estimate Your Junk Volume: Unsure of how much waste you have? If you find it challenging to visualize the amount, think of a cubic yard as roughly the size of a washing machine.

  2. Weigh Your Debris: When renting a dumpster for junk disposal, the weight of your debris is as critical as the volume. Each dumpster has a specified weight limit, and exceeding it can incur additional charges.

While I can't speak for the exact pricing of other junk removal/dumpster rental companies, the rates provided here are specific to Dash Away Hauling.

Dash Away Hauling Dumpsters have a 5 ton (10,000 lbs) weight limit.

Think of a cubic yard the size of a large washing machine

How Much Junk?

Cost to Rent a Junk Dumpster

Cost to Hire Dash Away Hauling

Cost of a Dumpster Bag

4 Cubic Yards

$500 (one 17 yard dumpster)

$250 (1/4 full load)

$200 (one bag + pickup)

8.5 Cubic Yards

$500 (one 17 yard dumpster)

$425 (1/2 full load)

$400 (three bags + pickup)

17 Cubic Yards

$500 (one 17 yard dumpster)

$775(full load)

$525 (five bags + pickup)

Proper Disposal Matters

Choosing the right junk removal option can also depend on the type of materials you're discarding. Items such as mattresses, appliances, batteries, and electronics might require special handling at waste facilities, potentially raising disposal costs if you opt to rent a dumpster or take items to the dump on your own. To manage disposal effectively, heed these guidelines and utilize proper disposal methods for sensitive materials.

Getting rid of large appliances like your old refrigerator or washing machine can be challenging, but there are effective ways to handle it. Follow these tips to efficiently dispose of, recycle, or donate your outdated appliances.

Not all disposal facilities or landfills accept items such as computers, box TVs, printers, and treadmills. Generally, the specific regulations in your area will dictate how and where you can dispose of these electronics.

In certain locations, you may not be allowed to place furniture in dumpsters or dumpster bags. If you need to dispose of old couches and chairs, or other bulky furniture refer to our guidance to find the most suitable disposal method.

Properly disposing of mattresses and box springs can be difficult; often, you cannot simply throw them in a dumpster or leave them at the curb. We offer several strategies to help you responsibly dispose of these bulky items.

Only specific types of batteries can be discarded in your regular trash. For a more eco-friendly approach, discover methods to sustainably dispose of most types of batteries.

After completing a home improvement project, you might find yourself with partially used paint cans. It's important to note that you cannot dispose of these cans in your regular trash or take them to a landfill. Instead, follow our guide on how to properly dispose of paint and paint cans.

Still unsure about what renting a dumpster entails? These guides will provide you with all the information you need:

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